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reduction of fat concentrated around the abdomen

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Adipoxan Forte

Adipoxan Forte


Dietary supplement containing the dry extract of Wakamè seaweed titrated to 10% Fucoxanthin and CLA. The seaweed Wakamè is useful for controlling weight in the context of a controlled low calorie diet.

Seaweed Wakamè (Fucoxanthin)

Take 2 soft gels a day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.
30 soft gels

Gluten Free
Naturally Lactose Free


This is a seaweed found in the Sea of Japan and was one of the first life forms to have appeared on Earth. It helps to balance body weight. Interesting studies indicate that it acts in stimulating UCP1 action (a protein known as a thermogenin) in white fat, promoting thermogenic function in weight control.

CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid)
Polyunsaturated fatty acid of the omega 6 series, derived from linoleic acid.

The efficacy of Adipoxan Forte has been tested at a University Centre, achieving significant results. The study demonstrated that the intake of ADIPOXAN FORTE, while on a diet that reduces intake by a maximum of 300 calories a day (e.g. a croissant), brought about a significant change in the parameters analysed.

Here are the maximum RESULTS (achieved after 60 days on 20 subjects who participated in the test):
  • abdominal circumference - 5.9 cm
  • body weight - 6.7 kg
  • body fat - 5 kg


Before taking this product, please read the instructions on the box carefully
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