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Ginseng Il Hwa Sigillo Oro - Estratto molle

Ginseng Il Hwa Sigillo Oro - soft extract


Adaptogen, anti-stress and anti-tiredness

Korean Ginseng, by far the best type of ginseng due to its high, balanced and harmonious levels of ginsenosides, helps us to deal with stress and remedy its negative effects.
The unique quality of Ginseng is due to its valuable ADAPTOGEN effect. Ginseng reduces fatigue, strengthens physical conditions, improves levels of attention and concentration, promotes purifying functions aimed at eliminating toxins and is useful for remedying various disorders.
Ginseng has TONIC and ENERGIZING effects on the body, which rediscovers balance, harmony and strength.

Naturando Ginseng is Il Hwa Sigillo Oro. The quality of Il Hwa Sigillo Oro Ginseng is widely acknowledged since it is the result of meticulous care taken during cultivation and up to the process of extraction. This quality is certified by scientific effectiveness tests and confirmed by numerous international acknowledgements from prestigious institutions. 
Il Hwa Sigillo Oro Ginseng has no contraindications because it is naturally balanced; in other words, it contains all the ginsenosides, which have been taken from the whole root.
It is precisely for this reason that it guarantees a re-balancing and adaptogen effect.

Ginseng Il Hwa Sigillo Oro - estratto molle is the oldest, most traditional and richest of all Ginseng-based products. For those who love strong flavours.
It can be consumed directly or the contents of one or two measures can be dissolved in hot or cold water.
It is recommended for individuals who need energy-boosting substances to help increase their physical stamina and rediscover energy lost as a result of intense activity or during the changes of season.

20 g and 50 g pot

Gluten free

Before taking this product, please read the instructions on the box carefully

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